The Rules

RULES? That sounds so formal. Really, these are just some parameters to simplify this bitch.

1. Main story is Edward/Bella. That doesn't mean the rest of the gang can't play a significant part of the story.

2. This is all human.
I mean, yeah, vamp stories are fabulous, but most of us starting this project tend toward AH stories when we write. If this goes well, maybe we'll do another round with AU instead?

3. Let's not kill the main couple, 'kay?
Sorry, but anything else goes. That said, let's keep it realistic. We're not doing crackfic (tho, we love that, too).

4. The order of "who writes next" will be determined by a random number generator.
Kinda like pulling names out of a hat. Mrs.TheKing and shalu will write the first and last chapters.

5. Please do not post the story to your own profile or blog.
However, please tease or pimp the shit out of it, if you like. Banners and links will be made available for you to link to the site. Once the story is finished, we may create a group account on FF'n to post. The profile will list all of our names (and links to our profiles/blogs, if you like).

6. End the chap with a cliffie. Gotta give the next author a twist to work with! And be honest, don't we all LOVE to do that?

7. Use a beta. Jus' sayin'.

8. Story minimum: 2,000 words / maximum: 7,500 words.
Yeah, we know some of you are wordy bitches (and believe us, we love it), but we don't want the chaps to be too uneven.

more to come...(graphics, etc...)

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