Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Chapter Seven: Overreacting Can be Detrimental to the Welfare of One’s Jeans



Edward could feel every atom in his body, every neuron misfiring, and every cell burning with a rage so intense he wanted to pulverize someone or something. Aro had used this girl to try manipulate him and he would be damned if he let that happen.

As the anger set in and radiated through his body, panic crashed over him in a wave. He had no idea how much the girl in front of him knew beyond what he had told her in the diner. Despite how innocent she looked she could damn well be one of Aro’s many decoys. His boss was good at finding people to do his dirty work that would go unsuspected; Edward was a case in point. Bella could definitely fit into that category as well.
Thursday, March 17, 2011

Chapter Six: A Bump in the Road


Bella pulled into the parking lot of the newest diner in town, cleverly named The Forks Diner. Her fingers strummed nervously on the steering wheel as she battled with herself over how to go about this breakfast with Edward.

She had an undeniable physical attraction to him, that was for sure, but she couldn't let that become a distraction. The last thing she needed was to get starry-eyed over him and have it get in the way of her mission. No, she needed to nix those feelings right in the ass. Bella felt sick that she couldn't be entirely truthful to Edward. She felt a connection between them, however faint, but unmistakably there. But at the end of the day she's doing what she's getting paid to do. She needed to do this for Alice. She would do this for Alice.
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