The Authors

Chapter 1 shalu and MTK &

Chapter 2 wytchwmn75

Chapter 3 KiyaRaven

Chapter 4 Delandora

Chapter 5 m81170

Chapter 6 dandyvamp

Chapter 7 teacupsNmints

Chapter 8 hunterhunting

Chapter 9

Chapter 10 KitsuShel

Chapter 11 YellowGlue

Chapter 12 TheLadyingrey42

Chapter 13 WindowWardsGirl

Chapter 14 Feisty Y. Beden

Chapter 15 ImwithPatz

Chapter 16 dryler

Chapter 17 grendelsmother

Chapter 18 hmonster4

Chapter 19 MTK & shalu (see first chapter info)

The first chapter will be posted here on 9.7.10 and then the authors have two weeks* to write the next chapter. The authors were collected by various methods: invitation, stalking, and a twitter lotto.

*If real life intervenes, deadlines will be flexible.
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